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     ZHENJIANG CITY DAYOO MOULD PLASTIFY CO.,LTD is a collection of product design, development, production and sales as one of the limited company. Located in Ruli Innovation garden Xinqu Zhenjiang, the Eastern Industrial Park, the geographical environment is superior, convenient transportation. Company in its inception, under the leadership of chairman, after years of research and development, production and sales of arduous pioneering, has now become Jiangsu well known smoking enterprises, with more than 6000 square of the size of the factory, more than 100 employees specializing in the production of smoking enterprises. Company a variety, novel style, and according to the demand of fashion elements, enhance the brand and improve continuously. Main products: disposable short paragraph filter cigarette holder, 2 stage forefront cigarette holder, three layer filter, cigarette holder, circulating and filtering cigarette holder mouthpiece accessories and gift packaging. The company in line with the implementation of public brand strategy, consumers want to create value for the purpose of the enterprise, and to the excellent product quality, affordable price and perfect after-sales service system, won the domestic and foreign consumers love, products are exported to Europe, America, South Asia and other regions.

      DAYOO is Danyang City, ocean smoking set Co., Ltd. in 2007 created parallel smoking marketing research at home and abroad well-known brands, the disposable cigarette holder design concept, after years of market tests and perfect, is currently recognized at home and abroad reduced tobacco tar on the harm to the human body products. Over the years, ocean people are committed to reducing harm of scientific research work, the company will focus on the research of all disposable cigarette holder filter development, because from the nature, whether it is the price of thousands of market circulation filter holder Liu, cigarette holder, and a multi filter smoke mouth principle, and its filtering effect the physical effect is exactly the same, but more than a few models in terms of material cost and production cost are high, not suitable for Chinese mass consumption level, people in the ocean Hui Yun people, health escort concept, several years of research and development on disposable cigarette holder, the level of science and technology has become recognized worldwide as the most safe, the most efficient reducing harm products. At present, research and development company out of the DY-300, DY-306, DY-305, DY-307, DY206 etc. more than a dozen types of cigarette holder, flexible, distinctive, and scientific tar filtering concept, more in line with the purpose of our: fresh filter a healthy life!

    DAYOO products not only directly to the end consumer, but has been domestic and foreign wine manufacturers choose to choose a promotional gift. With excellent product quality and good reputation, the company has provided a number of domestic and foreign customers to sample custom, mold development, custom gifts and other services. Ocean Yanju sincerely welcome new and old customers to negotiate business, is willing to work with friends at home and abroad a large map of the development of an accomplice, industry!

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